Sakura’s Diary さくらの日記 6 “A forced kiss that can’t be forgiven”

Previously on SD-A New Adventure: Sakura gets another chance at coming to work and to let her boss know that she is responsible than she looks. Meanwhile, Tamashi going about his business when he came across the mysterious girl, Kaoru and they spent about 20 minutes talking while Tamashi was getting very annoyed and has no idea what she wants. After departing from the encounter with Kaoru, Tamashi went home and made an excellent meal for his girl. But what does Kaoru have in mind?


~One Weekend Morning~


Shimi: Sakura! Are you ready?


Sakura: ready for what?


Megumi: hello did you forget that we were supposed to go to the movies this weekend?


Sakura: really? That’s this weekend?!


Shimi: why? Did you forget about it?


Sakura: (nervous laugh) I might have?


Megumi: don’t tell you made plans with Tamashi?


Sakura: it’s a possibility (nervous laugh)


Megumi: Sakura how could you?!


(Tamashi walks in with no idea what’s going on)


Tamashi: what’s going on girls?


Sakura: the girls are here to pick me up to go to a movie that we had originally planned and I guess I forgot about it, and I told them I made plans with you already


Tamashi: oh I see what’s going on, well no worries we can postpone our date for tomorrow, no biggie


Sakura: are you sure?


Megumi and Shimi: really?


Tamashi: oh yea no problem, I know you girls haven’t spend much time together since you’re all so busy now, I think it would be a great idea for you guys to hang out


Sakura: Thank you Tamashi, you’re so sweet!


Shimi: yeah, thank you Tamashi for being so kind


Megumi: looks like you really found your prince charming Sakura (laughs)


Tamashi: just promise me one thing…


Shimi and Megumi: what’s that?


Tamashi: don’t have her home too late alright?


Shimi and Megumi: No problem!


(Shimi looks at Sakura with the hint “go get ready”)


~20 minutes later~


Sakura: I’m all ready, let’s go! (Turns around and gives Tamashi a kiss and bids goodbye) and I will see you later


Tamashi: Have a good time with your friends (smiles)

(Shimi, Megumi and Sakura are headed to the movies, as they left Tamashi decides to go out on his own and spend some time at the nearby bookstore)


~At the Movie Theater~


Sakura: so what are we watching?


Shimi: what are you in the mood for?


Megumi: let’s watch something with a little action


Shimi: you and your rough style movies, maybe we should stick something more romantic, what do you think Sakura?


Sakura: hmm…maybe a romantic film will be ok, life is full of love and sweetness isn’t it?


~At the bookstore~


(Tamashi is standing in the Science Fiction section browsing through the books he might interested in reading)


(Thinking to himself)


Tamashi: it has been a while since I looked through books, whoever thought there would this much different title to choose from


(As Tamashi is browsing through the books, he sees the back of the head of a familiar person, as he walks further down the aisle, he noticed the face starts to show and to his surprise, and it was that girl Kaoru. Tamashi realized that it’s no longer safe to be in the bookstore so he picked up his pace and started to walk towards to the door without looking back)


Tamashi: whew that was a close one, I can’t believe she would be in there, is there no safe place anymore? I better get home before I bump into her again…

Kaoru: well hello there…


(Tamashi gets stopped by Kaoru as he was trying to leave)


Tamashi: no way?! How did you get here?


Kaoru: (laughs) you don’t think I saw you looking at me in the bookstore? I saw you from a mile away, I just thought I play it cool and see how long will it take for you to run


Tamashi: what do you want from me? Why are you always everywhere when I turn around?


Kaoru: silly Tamashi don’t you get it, I like you and I want to be with you, we have to continue where we left off last time, don’t you agree?


Tamashi: I have no idea what you are talking about. We didn’t start anything last time, I have already told you I have no idea who you are and I want nothing to do with you, what is this obsession you have of me?


Kaoru: I just want to make what is right between you and I, so we can live the life we truly deserve, together we can attain happiness


Tamashi: I have already attain happiness, I have Sakura in my life and we are happy so I don’t need your crazy in our lives


Kaoru: you mean that perky girl that lives with you, the one that smiles no matter how tough life gets? You think I’m afraid of her? She is just a girl Tamashi, she’s nothing comparing to what I can offer you, because I’m a woman


(Kaoru is approaching to Tamashi closer and closer almost to a kissing stance)


Tamashi: I think you better keep your distance, because I’m getting really uncomfortable with the distance


Kaoru: it’s still too far Tamashi, our hearts are not touching yet (laughs)


Tamashi: you are out of your mind; I’m warning you, leave me alone!


~ 2 hours later~


(The girls are talking at a local coffee shop)


Shimi and Sakura: that was such a cute movie


Megumi: you two are hilarious…


Shimi: Megumi, you are weird what’s up with you and action a film then?


Sakura: sometimes you got to believe that there’s a little sweetness in life not just about the fighting and the muscles (laughs)


Megumi: Sakura you already have a boyfriend that’s why you feel like your life is perfect why watch romance movie when you already living in one?


Shimi: so Sakura can still enjoy the fantasy of having someone like that from the movie don’t you agree Sakura?


(From a distance two voices are sounding behind Sakura, as Shimi was talking, all Sakura could hear was the voices sounding like arguments and it was getting louder and louder)


Sakura: do you guys hear that?


Shimi: hear what?


Sakura: I hear voices arguing and one of them sounds like…


Megumi: hey isn’t that Tamashi? Who is that girl that he is with?


(Sakura turns around and see Tamashi and Kaoru talking)

Shimi: who is that girl?


Tamashi: I really would appreciated if you would leave me, I’m starting to get really angry


Kaoru: oh good, let’s fire up that anger shall we, it makes your more passionate that way


Tamashi: passionate for what?


Kaoru: for this (Kaoru grabs Tamashi and kisses him on the lips)


(Through the window, Shimi, Sakura and Megumi saw the kiss crystal clear)


Sakura, Shimi, Megumi: (Gasp)


(Tamashi pushes Kaoru off)


Tamashi: what the hell is the matter with you?! I told you I already have a girlfriend what the hell did you do that for?


Kaoru: like I said, I just want to pick things up from where we left off and I love every moment of it (evil laugh)


Tamashi: you are sick!


(Sakura stood there and witnessed what just happened, she wasn’t sure what to feel, she wanted to call out to Tamashi but her voice couldn’t make a sound)


Tamashi: I want you out of my sight now!


Kaoru: you can’t get rid of me that easily


(A stern voice comes from the corner)


Sakura: he can’t, but I will…

Tamashi: Sakura?


Kaoru: so you’re Sakura?


Sakura: yes I am and I didn’t appreciate the kiss you planted on Tamashi


Kaoru: oh you saw that? Wasn’t it great, it felt like it was meant to be, so passionate!


Sakura: I don’t find it amusing at all, and I would really appreciate if you would leave right now and I don’t want to see your face anymore…


Kaoru: (laughs) you think you scare me? You think I would respond well to threats especially from a little girl like you?


Sakura: I mean it, get out… (Sakura’s face getting sterner)


Kaoru: you don’t scare me one bit, this is just the beginning, I will be back


Megumi: are you deaf? Get out!


Tamashi: Sakura?


Sakura: I don’t want to know the details of what happened, I trust you enough to let this go and not talk about it ever again, is that clear?


Tamashi: I’m sorry and yes I understand what you mean


Sakura: (wipes off tears) then let’s go home


Tamashi; yes let’s go home




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